North Korea blows up its joint liaison office with South Korea

North Korea has demolished its joint liaison office with South Korea in the city of Kaesong. It blew the building up on 16 June, following a statement by Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, where she hinted at plans to demolish the building.

In a statement earlier this month, North Korea said it would pull out of the office over Seoul’s failure to stop defector’s to the South from sending leaflets and flash drives to the North.

The South Korean defence ministry released surveillance footage of the explosion in Kaesong, which is located just over the border in North Korea.

Kaesong joint liaison office, located on the North Korean territory, was opened in 2018 to help the two countries communicate.

The site had been effectively abandoned after relations became strained between the two countries.

North Korea said Wednesday it will redeploy troops to now-shuttered inter-Korean cooperation sites, reinstall guard posts and resume military exercises at front-line areas, nullifying the tension-reducing deals reached with South Korea just two years ago.