McDonald's employees protest for COVID-19 protection in Los Angeles

A McDonald’s franchise in south L.A. was the site of protests on Sunday and again Monday as employees staged a vocal walkout to protest what they say is the lack of proper health and safety equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

One employee at the Crenshaw district location had tested positive for COVID-19, which led to a protest that eventually involved the police.

The protest quickly gathered a crowd, leading police to order members to disperse because they were crowding together and blocking the entrance to the drive-thru lane with their cars.

The event was pushed by Fight for $15, the eight-year-old national fast-food union that began in New York City.

McDonald’s responded late Monday with a vow to make important changes in how its restaurants address health and safety during the coronavirus crisis.

Those plans include starting wellness checks, increased cleanings and additional social distancing and hand-washing guidelines.