Bouquet hopes to ensure love is the only thing in the air this Valentine's Day

Romance is in the air in the Philippines, but so are concerns over the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus.

So, what better way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day than a bouquet that may help protect against the virus?

Florist Mary Jane Villegas came up with a few special additions to a typical bunch of flowers.

Nestled between the blooms is a face mask, bottle of sanitiser and gloves.

It's her answer to the viral outbreak, recently named COVID-19, which began in China and has now infected more than 60,000 people globally.

Villegas has called the arrangement the "anti-nCoV" (Novel coronavirus) bouquet.

The bouquet is slightly more expensive than other flowers in the store.

But it still appeals to some romantics doing their Valentine's Day shopping.