London architests showcase sustainable gingerbread city of the future

Architects in London have traded in the usual concrete and wood for biscuits and dough in order to create The Gingerbread City - a futuristic city made of edible treats.

The annual exhibition, which was unveiled on Thursday and put together by the Museum of Architecture, showcases a final project by architects, designers and engineers who were asked to create a sustainable and inclusive city of the future.

This year's city had the theme of "transport" and featured high-rise buildings, apartments, office blocks, a university, stadium, cinema, tram station, urban farm, park and ferry terminal.

Some of the named structures include: "Battersea Sugar Power Station", "Gingerbread Modern" and "Sugarset House", taking inspiration from iconic London structures, ie: Battersea Power Station, Tate Modern and Somerset House.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday and runs until January 5, 2020.