California hillside glows with thousands of colourful solar-powered lights

A hillside in California's wine country has been brought to life with thousands of colourful solar-powered lights.

The "Field of Light" exhibition by British artist Bruce Munro, who is known for his large-scale light installations, is made up of 58,000 stemmed glass globes lit by fibre-optics. Visitors walk through the exhibition, set in 15 acres of rolling hills, as the lights change colour and sway in the breeze.

"It's like walking through a liquid Monet painting" said Claire Eastin, 51, from Templeton, California.

"To me it looks like a nervous system of the body that's kind of running through a whole area," said Peter Sereno, 41, from Lake Tahoe.

The exhibition is Munro's biggest to date. He also has a 'Field of Light' exhibition at Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, in Australia.