New York bakeries surf the Game of Thrones trend with cakes

Let them eat cake! Ahead of the "Game of Thrones" finale, bakeries in New York City are offering sweet treats to tempt hardcore fans of the television series.

Inside Sprinkles, their lemon dragon fruit cupcake with ice blueberry buttercream frosting was selling as fast as it was being put on the shelves.

Selling for $4.95 (€4,43) a piece in most stores, a continuous line of customers waited to devour the cupcakes like a Targaryen dragon devours its enemies.

"The reaction has been overwhelming," said Jim Nelson, Sprinkles regional manager. "From the moment we opened to now, it's just non-stop. As soon as we can get them out, they're going out."

The bakery is also selling cupcakes featuring the crests of the warring noble houses.

Across town at N.Y. Cake, Lisa Mansour is offering dragon eggs. Standing eight inches (20 cm) tall and five inches (12.7 cm) wide, the vanilla cake filled with Belgian chocolate ganache is covered in green, hand-painted, sugary dragon scales.

"They take a lot of work, but they're super fabulous and it would be a fabulous centrepiece for the table for your party," Mansour said. Each handmade dragon egg cost $125. "Game of Thrones" cupcakes are also available.