Chinese artist creates giant image made up of 80,000 Lego pieces

A Chinese artist has created a giant cable car image made up of 80,000 Lego pieces.

Jiang Shenghui, one of the world's few Lego certified professionals, took 120 hours to finish the colourful work of 1.8m in length and 2.8m in width.

The Lego artwork honours the cable car culture in his country's northeast city of Dalian.

Dalian has a 110-year history of cable cars and it maintains the most cable car routes in the country.

"It was a completely new trial. For the first time I adopted the cartoon-style design and included the cable car, the train station, the skyline and the beautiful sky all in the image," Jiang said.

Since the exhibition started on February 15, the Lego image has attracted constant crowds of young visitors.