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Augmented Reality to Change Surgery Techniques

Augmented Reality to Change Surgery Techniques
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It has been reserved for game enthusiasts and movie fans - but augmented reality could soon be finding its way to your local hospital.

Mounting an augmented reality device to a surgeon’s head - pioneering new research promises to save thousands of lives by merging classic techniques with modern technology.

At Pisa's University, in Italy, researchers of the Vostars project, are working to develop a new kind of surgical visor in a bid to improve accuracy of interventions and reducing surgery times by at least 11%.

"The reality is of course the operating field, the anatomy that is in front of the surgeon; on this reality, we insert a virtual information that is acquired from the radiological images of the same patient. “explained Vincenzo Ferrari, a biomedical engineer turned project coordinator for Vostars.

The visor will be capable of Merging 3D images with the exact physiological details of the patient. A feature which is key for surgeons. “being able to visualize on the patient the indications needed to insert a part in a new position, guaranteeing symmetry, it is an aid priceless " Giovanni Variali told Euronews. Variali is a surgeon in the city of Bologna, he says it’s routine to make mistakes without this technology. “"In our activity we often have to reposition parts of the facial skeleton to correct, for example, a malformation”

Vostars' device will go through three clinical trials, in Italy and in Germany, by the end of 2019 and it should be finally available to patients by 2022.