Apricot flowers in bloom in Shexian County, Anhui Province, east China

Spring has arrived in China and with it the colours and smells of flowers in full bloom.

In Shexian County of east China's Anhui Province, expanses of azaleas turned the slopes of Zijin Mountain to red and purple.

"The lucid waters and lush mountains really show the beauty of pure, clean nature. In the long run, they will bring not only economic value, but also social value. They are of great importance," said visitor Cheng Peizhi.

In Dunhuang city of northwest China's Gansu Province, apricot flowers attracted hundreds of residents and visitors to the foot of Mingsha Mountain.

In Licheng county of north China's Shanxi Province, around 27,000 hectares of forsythia flowers cover Taihang Mountains with a golden blanket.