Recycling drainage pipes into new homes in Hong Kong

Micro-apartments made from giant concrete drainage pipes are on display in Hong Kong’s industrial area of Kwun Tong.

Architect James Law created the OPod tube housing and said, "This kind of house is really portable. We actually make it on a construction site, and we lift it onto a truck. We can deliver it anywhere. At this kind of low price, it is about a third of the cost of developing a typical building in the same size here in Hong Kong. So it represents a new, affordable architecture."

One day, I happened to see some of these large concrete water tubes left, and I thought, wow, why are they being wasted, whilst at the same time, here in Hong Kong, we are facing a lot of the affordable housing issues that is making it difficult for young people to afford their own housing. So I thought why not buy these concrete tubes at a very low cost and convert them into these really cute micro-living architecture, so that people can afford their own funky homes."