The No Pile (Queensland Government)

The No Pile (Queensland Government)
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The No Pile
The Queensland Government has launched a campaign tackling discrimination against job applicants with disabilities.

From Brisbane-based creative agency Khemistry, ‘Everybody has a role to play’ is aimed at helping build a society that enables people with disability to fulfil their potential as equal citizens.

The campaign features actors from inclusive theatre company Indelabilityarts, an organisation that provides professional training opportunities for artists and community members with disability.

‘The No Pile’ is the first of three social media content videos in the series and addresses limitations put on employment opportunities for people with disability.

Co-written and produced with three of Indelabilityarts’ performers, ‘The No Pile’ is a music video – performed in black box theatre style – that is based on shared stories from the performers about rejections they have faced over the years when applying for jobs.

Country : Australia
Agency : Khemistry
Advertiser : Queensland Government

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