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CeBIT 2017: Digitising Fashion

CeBIT 2017: Digitising Fashion
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Digitisation is transforming every sector, including fashion.

Japanese company Seiren is at CeBIT 2017 showing off a system that allows customers to try on 470,000 different clothing combinations in a smart mirror.

How virtual dress fitting works

You have your photograph taken, and then compare different styles. If you see something you like you can order it and its made and delivered in less than 3 weeks.

The firm has 7 stores in Japan, and plans to open one in Paris this year.

It offers not only the chance to create your own unique style, but also improve efficiency, Seiren’s chairman Tatsuo Kawada explained.

“Up until today in the textile industry, if you can sell 60 per cent of production, it was already considered a big success. That means that 40 per cent was thrown away as a loss. I think that from now on it will not be allowed to produce in that way, to have 40 per cent losses. From now on, thanks to this IT technology, we will produce uniquely the items that we will have sold, with small lot production, lots of styles, short delivery times, less stock, and customisation. This system is for realising those elements.”

Virtual sample system

Another Japanese firm showing innovations that improve efficiency in the textile business is Shima Seiki.

They have a virtual sample system that speeds up the development of new styles between supplier and client, and were showing off a 3D knitting machine that makes garments as whole pieces, without need for additional sewing.

“We can produce one entire piece of this garment – and this garment is very comfortable for your body, and then comfortable fit, and a beautiful silhouette, it comes like this,” explained Shima Seiki’s Ayumi Takeyama.