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Targeting small business at CeBIT

Targeting small business at CeBIT
By Euronews
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CeBIT 2017 is the world’s biggest IT event, and many of the companies are here to target that crucial growth sector – SMEs – among them Japan’s Konica Minolta.

The firm is one of many embracing the trend towards connected, multifunction devices, including the office workhorse, the printer:

“All the printing inside, the scanning inside, that’s still there, but we actually added a server to it,” Konica Minolta product launch consultant Arne Randt told Euronews. “So it provides all of the essentials, all the IT essentials that a company needs. Including the server power on site, connected to our cloud systems as well, then in addition you have a wi-fi access point inside, and you also have basically all the essentials for IT that you need within a small to medium company.”

The explosion in the ‘Internet of Things’ – connected devices of all kinds – opens up many questions about security, especially in businesses handling confidential information.

Konica Minolta’s CEO Shoei Yamana told Euronews that security has to be a priority from the first conception of the device:

“Our concept of the developing new services always based on security policy, from the creation of planning, development, and goes to market, always we have to think about security.”

Jeremy Wilkes, Euronews:“Do you think that the gains to be had from the Internet of Things are good enough that companies are going to open themselves up to the security risks?”

Shoei Yamana: “Of course. Security is important. Office, manufacturing, healthcare, every people should be more creative at efficiency. Creativity is important for human beings, to advance our society. That’s why we have to overcome those security issues.”