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CeBIT 2017 tech expo underway in Hanover

CeBIT 2017 tech expo underway in Hanover
By Euronews
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Some 200,000 people and 3,000 companies have come together at CeBIT in the German city of Hannover to celebrate all things digital. Among them, two world leaders: Shinzo Abe and Angela Merkel.

The German Chancellor was with the Japanese Prime Minister to foster ties between the two countries in high technology and innovation.

For Shinzo Abe, this was a chance to promote his idea of Japan’s Society 5.0.

That concept from Tokyo involves taking advantage of the power of digitisation to create smarter and more efficient ways of living and working, and to better face the challenges of an ageing population.

Hitoshi Masuda from Japan’s External Trade Organisation explains more:

“Japan has been a manufacturing country. Manufacturing itself is very important. So connecting the real world of manufacturing and the virtual world of information technology, that’s the key, we think.”

With innovations in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics on display here, that vision of a smarter world seems more credible, as the rate of digitisation accelerates.

“We do see that innovation is no longer linear, as it used to be in previous years,” Hartwig von Sass, CEBIT spokesman told Euronews. “Now it’s exponential development, technical developments converge together, and develop a disruptive power in many sectors of the economy.”

All aspects of the digital transformation are on display and under debate here at CeBIT.