The Safety Jingle (OVK-PEVR (Parents of Child Road Victims))

The Safety Jingle (OVK-PEVR (Parents of Child Road Victims))
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On average Radio Hosts of popular radio stations ask their listeners to call-in, text or post, 46 times a day. But in Belgium 80% of the people listen to the radio while driving. Instead of coming up with yet another one-off awareness campaign, we came with a more permanent solution: The Safety Jingle. A short (8 second) audio message radio hosts can play right after they ask their listeners to call, text or tweet, to remind everybody not to use their phone behind the wheel. The Safety Jingle was recorded with the voices of actual parents who lost a child in a road traffic accident and sounded like this: “but please, no phone behind the wheel. A request by Parents of Road Victims. Like us.” The music contains the names of the 155 children who died in a traffic accident last year. 
Country : Belgium
Agency : Happiness Brussels
Advertiser : OVK-PEVR (Parents of Child Road Victims)