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Telemedicine for rural areas

Telemedicine for rural areas
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How do you resolve the situation of large rural communities and fewer doctors?

Well if the patient cannot come to the doctor, the doctor can now be connected virtually to the patient with telemedicine a growing trend to bring health care to remote areas

The village of Cluny, in France, is testing one of fifteen cabins, developed by the firm H4D. Once a patient is inside, doctors can keep tabs on diabetes, take x-rays and blood pressure.

Vincent Hillenmeyer, Director General, H4D company building Consult Station:

“There is also a scale and a sensor to measure the height so you can calculate the body mass index of each individual. These are a number of measuring devices. Inside the booth we also have other features like an electrocardiogram which can allow us to check the heart functions of an individual. We also have other features like visual tests, or audio test”

The patient can directly talk to a consultant, remotely through a screen. This can replicate the environment of a doctor’s office.

Family doctor Jacques du Peloux, who lives in Annecy, has many patients living far from his surgery.

“If through the video conference the doctor see the patient is not going well he can decide whether to admit him or her into hospital or ask for a doctor’s visit. So in this way it’s a positive thing” he said.

Rising healthcare costs and the increasing elderly population has reinforced the growing trend in the european telemedicine market which is expected to be worth 11.5bn by 2019