Gamers Get Excited for the 'Fallout 4' Release

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Gamers Get Excited for the 'Fallout 4' Release

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If your coworker calls in sick on Tuesday, there's a good chance that "Fallout 4," the much-anticipated role-playing game that hits stores Monday night, is to blame.

The fifth release in the popular "Fallout" series from Bethesda Softworks promises the same post-apocalyptic fun as previous installments, this time in a barren, radioactive version of Boston. On social media, fans hinted that they might not be the most productive employees on Tuesday.


Why should you be excited?

Quirky characters, vast worlds and dark humor make the "Fallout" series stand out from the usual shoot-em-up fare. The last release, "Fallout: New Vegas," sold more than 5 million copies in the month after it was released in 2010.

How excited are people about "Fallout 4"? The first game trailer has been viewed more than 17 million times on YouTube.

Early reviews from video game sites such as IGN and Polygon are enthusiastic, even if the gameplay isn't drastically different from "Fallout 3."

Where can you get it?

Drink some coffee and get those elbows ready. The game is being released on Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. ET, and select GameStop and Best Buy locations on the East Cast are holding midnight events.

Those in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones can grab the game on Monday night at 11:01 p.m., 10:01 p.m. and 9:01 p.m., respectively, at the same stores. It's available for $59.99 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Gamers who don't want to get off the couch can buy the game online at Steam or wait a few days and get it shipped from Amazon.

And for those who want the game but don't have anything to play it on, Best Buy and GameStop are giving out copies of "Fallout 4" for free to people who buy a PlayStation 4.

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