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Amphibious caravan is the new luxury camping

Amphibious caravan is the new luxury camping
By Euronews

Can’t decide between sailing or camping?

German inventor Daniel Straub has the solution for you: his amphibious Sealander is a compact camping trailer that converts into an electric power boat. Just back it into the water, and take off. Equipped with a small electric propeller engine, it can reach a top speed of nine kilometres per hour on water.

“The obvious advantage here is that you can combine two ways of travelling. It offers many more possibilities. When you have a boat and a caravan, you have to decide which one you want to use. What we offer here is the freedom to do what you want where you want,” says Straub.

The Sealander has a waterproof chassis built from a single piece of glass fibre and reinforced plastic. It features most of the amenities of a normal caravan, including a double bed with a removable roof that allows you to sleep under the stars, as well as a kitchenette and a portable toilet.

“This is a vision which we have turned into reality,” explains Straub with a smile. “But of course, for most people, it’s something entirely new and they often stare, wondering ‘Is it a boat? Is it a caravan? And what are those crazy people doing out there on the water?’”

The transition from sea to land takes just a few minutes: you can hitch it to a car just like a normal caravan before hitting the road. But it’s a vacationing vehicle-stroke-boat doesn’t come cheap, at least compared to a regular caravan, with a basic model costing around 15,000 euros.