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Latest gadgets and ICT growth in spotlight at Budapest tech event

Latest gadgets and ICT growth in spotlight at Budapest tech event
By Euronews

Support for small and medium sized enterprises has been a focus of this year’s ITU Telecom World event in Budapest.

SMEs are seen as playing a critical role in growing the global ICT industry.

Organiser of the gathering, the International Telecommunications Union, has been celebrating its 150th anniversary this time around.

“Hungary is one of the founding members of ITU 150 years ago. And this year is also the first year when we try to reform our ITU telecom platform to focus to support SMEs,” said Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary-General.

“I am particularly pleased with the members’ support to come together here to create such a wonderful international platform to bring SMEs everywhere together with their government, with big companies, regulators come together, to talk about the future of ICT development.”

Future use of the internet also stirred lots of debate at this year’s event, attended by government and regulatory officials from around the world.

Reporting from Budapest, euronews’ Andrea Hajagos said: “This ITU event in Budapest is basically a gathering of professionals. But it’s also good for people like me, who can admire all of the technical innovations.”

Hungarian tech companies were among those attending the event, including one which is using 3D technology in navigation devices.

“It shows drivers where to go, so he or she doesn’t have to think, where to turn at the third exit for example. They don’t have to listen to a voice. This is an expanded reality,” explained Gáspár Balogh, IT Manager for Holografika Ltd.

Another company showed off an egg-shaped safe, designed for people to lock away their valuables while they are at the beach. It is opened and closed using a waterproof arm band.

“Our idea was to create a portable safe. A Beachegg which you can rent on the beach, for the around the same price as a beer,” said Balázs Csapó, co-owner of Beachegg.

The Beachegg is also fitted with GPS and a SIM card, raising an alarm if the egg is moved or stolen.

There was also young tech talent at the event. One game on show was created by 11-year-old Mira Szelle-Fábián, who has been learning programming for a year.

“Development time depends on how difficult the game is. If you want a player to jump, you can do that in 10 minutes or less. A whole game likes this takes me one or two hours,” said Míra.

Balázs Nyerges, who is 15, is also part of the new tech generation. He creates his own games too and said his skills will be even more vital in the future.

“Different electronic devices are getting more and more important. This will be the future. I think someone who does programming can progress further,” explained Balázs.

And these skills can apparently be mastered by spending one and a half hours a week in a special tech school.

“In Hungary there are 20 thousand vacant jobs, which need this kind of knowledge,” said Anita Breuer, CEO of Logiscool.

“Parents know this and if they’re working in this sector or don’t have a clue about it, they will send their children to learn.

“The message to young people is easy: don’t play on the computer, create your own game.”

And who knows, the young students may go on to star at a future ITU event.