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Fashion and technology merge to improve consumer experience

Fashion and technology merge to improve consumer experience
By Euronews

With the Internet revolutionising the way we shop, customers are increasingly avoiding dressing rooms, opting instead for the comfort of online shopping that usually offers liberal return policies.

In a bid to entice customers back, some shops have been testing various amenities including so-called intelligent dressing rooms that allow users to “try on” different items without having to actually change clothes.

Going one step further, the recent Fashion Tech in Tel Aviv aimed at bringing together the worlds of fashion and technology to see how the two can work together.

Yael Kochman is the organiser of the event: “With technology you can change the way that people consume fashion, whether it’s online or in store, in real life, you can also do an omni-channel experience and combine the online and the offline together, and those startups really take it to the next level,” she said.

Omni-channel retailing is a multichannel approach that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether online, by phone or in an actual shop.

The startup ‘Infime’ has developed an app that helps women chose lingerie in the right size without having to try it on, by measuring the body in 3D.

“We allow visualization of the 3D body, the 3D model of the customer’s body, by entering her own body measurements,” explains the app’s founder Michael Litvin. “This can be done either online in an online store or in a physical store by scanning a QR code of the product and seeing how it fits her.”

But the true answer to customers’ desires could lie with with 3D printers. Simply chose your colour, size and material, and the printer does the rest, producing clothes, shoes and accessories specifically designed for each person.