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Developers target video gamers at 2015 IFA

Developers target video gamers at 2015 IFA
By Euronews

One of the world’s leading consumer electronics and home appliances fairs, the IFA drew a record 250,000 visitors to Berlin this year.

There was something for everyone among the 1,600 exhibitors, from HD televisions to camcorders, tablet PCs and cameras, as well as new generation refrigerators, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners.

However, the big stars this year were the smartphones, some of which were specially targeted at video gamers.

Acer showed off its Predator 6 prototype. Featuring a 6-inch display, a decacore processor paired with 4 gigabytes of RAM, the Predator 6 will be able to dominate any mobile games thrown at it according to its makers. Details about the launch date and price were not finalised but it’s expected to target the high-end of the market.

Chinese firm Lenovo also had something for gamers. Venturing into the PC gaming desktop market, the IdeaCentre Y900 and Y700 gaming desktops are, according to its makers, powerful enough to satisfy customers and have a customizable and easy-to-use chassis. They should retail at around 1,500 euros.

“For PC gaming, the very important thing in the PC is the graphic card. So, actually, our desktop gaming PCs can support the latest, the newest and most high performance graphic cards,” said Lenovo Senior Product Manager Teddy Lee.

Next, we visited Panasonic’s house of the future.

“Well, this pot can stir automatically, it takes its energy from the hob,” explained future house expert Noemi Besedes. “All you have to do is just click here (she clicks on hob button), and, as you can see, it automatically stirs. We also have embedded camera sensors which control the food, so nothing burns and you can watch a movie if you want. And we can also look at pictures from our last trip (on the kitchen desktop) and the window transforms into a screen.”

Moving on to the smart bedroom, Besedes explained: “as you sit on the bed, the light automatically changes and you see relaxing images on the ceiling, like these wonderful stars. Here (shows wall behind bed) we have our vital data, so you can see how you sleep, that is also good to know. You can try different kinds of make-up (sits in front of dresser mirror), for example on the left side you have the suggestions and you can see what it looks like in the mirror.”

The Bodyguard smartwatch by Nilox, a small Italian firm, is aimed at locating people, especially children or elderly people. Equipped with an alarm button in case of danger, it has a telephone function and can alert parents or family when someone enters or leaves a particular area, like a school for example. It retails at around 170 euros.

“This watch combines three technologies, GSM because it includes a SIM, GPS because it is a locator and Wi-fi. Wi-fi location improves the ability to find people even inside buildings, like shopping centres for example,” explained Sales and Marketing director Michele Bertacco.

There was all that and much more at the IFA, including the latest 3D food printers, a smart cooker that takes orders from a smartphone, the 21st-century Polaroid, and, with drone fever still high, dozens of new devices for enthusiasts including one that follows the user wherever he goes!