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High tech extravaganza at Berlin's IFA

High tech extravaganza at Berlin's IFA
By Euronews

Europe’s largest consumer electronics fair has returned to Berlin unveiling a rich selection of smartphones, tablets and wearables, as well as TVs and kits for the connected home.

In a bid to grab a bigger slice of the smartphone market, Sony unveiled its flagship Xperia Z5 smartphone range.

It comes in two sizes, starting with the pocket-friendly Z5 Compact. The larger Z5 Premium, the world’s first phone with a 4K screen, packs a staggering 8 million pixels into your pocket.

“It’s interesting this 4K video, there’s a big demand for 4K content, big demand for 4K TVs, so what they’re actually doing is they’re looking to get some people who will start shooting 4K video, start consuming 4K. So it kind of was a logical step to make it into a smartphone,” said ‘Which’ magazine journalist Andrew Laughlin.

Taiwanese company ASUS unveiled its eagerly-awaited Zenwatch 2, available in two models.

With its 49 mm model aggressively priced at around 150 euros – half the cost of Apple’s equivalent – the Zenwatch 2 also works with the Apple iPhone and can be customized to each user’s taste.

“If you go and buy a watch you may well go and change a strap. Not everyone who has a Rolex has the same strap on their Rolex or the same watch. The reason for that is people like different designs, people like different functionality, people like different watches, that will help a lot I think,” said Mobile News Magazine journalist, James Pearce.

And Chinese company Huawei launched the world’s first smartphones equipped with force touch, the Huawei Mate S, featuring a fingerprint sensor that also doubles as a selfie button on the rear.

Force touch technology is a feature previously only seen in the Apple Watch, that allows the phone to detect how hard the user is pressing on the touch screen and react accordingly. The phone also doubles as a scale for weighing objects.