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Tech giants battle for supremacy at Berlin's IFA show

Tech giants battle for supremacy at Berlin's IFA show
By Euronews

Phone manufacturers and smartwatch makers will be jostling for position at Berlin’s IFA, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows.

Starting Friday and lasting six days, tech giants hope to dazzle with their gadgets – from drones and phones to virtual reality headsets. But it seems the battle lines will be drawn over wearable tech.

Samsung is expected to unveil their new smartwatch – throwing down the gauntlet to their major rivals over at Apple.

“Huawei will go and throw some interesting new devices and competitively priced devices again to European and International markets,” says Amir Tamannai, Lead Editor of Technology news website GIGA. “Sony will present their line-up of new smartphones consisting of the Xperia Z5 and the Xperia Z5 compact, also two very interesting smartphones. There is a small chance that Samsung could announce its Note 5 phablet, which they formally announced only for North America and Asia, for Europe now.”

Unlike previous years, phone makers will not be making waves with new product launches, with the major brands choosing to unveil their products outside of the show.

Samsung unveiled the latest in its phablet range, the Edge Plus and the Note Five, at a New York launch in August.

While Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 Plus successor shortly after IFA.

Samsung will be placing its bets to corner the market with the Galaxy Gear S2.

“This is a smartwatch which has been already leaked by the vice president of design studios in America and it looks very nice,” explains Shu On Kwok, Senior Editor of technology news website AndroidPit. “And somehow, some things look like the Apple watch. So they are not giving up in competing with Apple.”

Interconnected homes and implanting chips into humans will also be among some of the star attractions at the electronics show.

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