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Making a song and dance about robots in Russia

Making a song and dance about robots in Russia
By Euronews with APTN
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It can sing, it can dance, this is the droid Hollywood is looking for.

Developed by British engineers, the robot goes by the name ‘Thesp’, but there’s more to it than just mimicking – its programming allows it to adjust intonation, mood and manner of speech to interact with the audience.

‘Thesp’ is just one of over 30 internationally-developed robots on display at Moscow’s ‘Robostation’ exhibition.

It is proving especially popular with children, who can learn about the programming behind the life-like machines.

“The exhibition is aimed at introducing children to robots, let children understand that robots are not dangerous, they are interesting and children can work with them,” explained Robostation assistant Andrei Kavunosh.

“My daughter is amazed by the exhibition despite being very small it was her who dragged me here. I think there should be a lot more of such exhibitions,” remarked Angelina Yurchina visiting the exhibition.

The Cubinator is not out to destroy humanity, but it has got the Rubik’s cube cracked.

Until recently, the Irish-developed droid held the Guinness World Record for the fastest cube-solving robot, completing the feat in less than 20 seconds, making it one of the star attractions.

The exhibition encourages children to build their own machines.

Tools are provided for kids to get hands-on with their visions of the future of robotics.

The event runs till 15 October 2015.