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Print your own future fashion at home

Print your own future fashion at home
By Euronews
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Israeli designer Danit Peleg has created an entire fashion collection on a 3D home printer, opening the door for other people around the world to design their own wardrobe at home.

Danit Peleg says the 3D printing gives her the freedom to experiment with the technology, even though it is still relatively expensive.

“I can print everything with this machine, the only problem is that the plate is very small, it comes on a size of A4, so I have to print everything in this size, and then to connect it or glue it, but I don’t need to sew anything, so if you don’t know how to sew clothes you can just glue your clothes at home,” says Danit.

Months of research goes into Peleg’s designs which are made from a durable material called Filaflex which the designer describes as “very flexible and still very strong”.

Peleg says an A4-size of textile takes at least 20 hours to print and it can take up to 300 hours to complete a single article of clothing.
However, she says 3D printing will revolutionise fashion design, especially as garments can be machine washed.

“This technology, the home printer, lets us, all of us, to be able to wear this kind of stuff. It’s not only for celebrities anymore and it’s not made out of hard plastic, it’s very flexible, you can sit with it, you can wash it in the dishwasher actually,” she says.

The recent graduate says a home printer capable of making wearable garments like hers will set people back around US $2,000.

But she is confident that as the technology expands the cost will come down giving more people the option to design their own clothes.

Files containing Peleg’s designs can be sent to shoppers at home, allowing them to create their very own fashion items with the press of a button.