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Chameleon smartpaint that reacts to temperature, light and pressure

Chameleon smartpaint that reacts to temperature, light and pressure
By Euronews
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Everything is smart these days even paint.

French company Olikrom, based in Bordeaux, has developed a pigment which changes colour when exposed to different temperatures, light and pressure.

The creators have patented the process and have received interest from various groups including the aeronautical industry, car makers, and domestic appliance producers.

Olikrom founder and CEO, Jean-Francois Letard says the paint has many uses :“It is about a substance that is made with inorganic and organic elements; they are new substances that adapt and change the colour by temperature, light or pressure change.”

The impact of light on the pigments is remarkable and Olikrom looks set for success.

Letard, has received dozens of demands from different type of projects: “The challenge is to develop a paint that can indicate if a spare part of an airplane is damaged during transport, or compromised during a flight by an impact with a bird or hailstones or with an object on the runway that can damage the airplane’s structure.”

The new paint will notify maintenance crews to carry out a more detailed inspection of an aircraft, highlighting potential problems that may go unnoticed.

The pigments can be calibrated to change colour and react to set levels of light or pressure.

The company is collaborating with the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, but the pigments have the potential to be used across many industries.