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Smart robots galore at the 'Innorobo' show

Smart robots galore at the 'Innorobo' show
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Robots that can read emotion and mimic movements are just some of the capabilities on show at the ‘Innorobo’ exhibition in the French city of Lyon.

Innrobo showcased 500 ‘bots’ with a variety of functions.

Take ‘Pepper,’ a robot designed to live with humans, the machine is able to interact and even recognise different emotions.

Magalie Cuvier is from Aldebaran Robotics:
“Pepper lives with us. So needs to understand what’s going on it needs understand and to adapt to things that are going on. So the idea is that he can detect if I’m happy, if I’m sad and then act depending on that.”

In the field of robotics for industry, we see a high-speed packaging droid, built by Swiss mechatronics makers Staubli. The robots arm demonstrates a remarkable dexterity.

Moscow-based tech maker ExoAtlet demonstrated a smart exoskeleton, it’s intended for medical rehabilitation and social adaptation.

Those who need a hug can snuggle up with PARO, an imitation baby harp seal its a therapeutic robot developed by Japanese industrial automation pioneer, AIST.