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New app helps EU citizens settle in country of choice

New app helps EU citizens settle in country of choice
By Euronews
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When it comes to deciding where you want to live and work in Europe, EU citizens enjoy freedom of choice.

However, some barriers still exist, especially with regards to language, legislation and regulations. When they move to a new country, people face many challenges, with questions like “How do I register?”, “How can I rent an apartment?” or “How do I open a bank account?”

A start-up from the German city of Cologne has developed a mobile solution called JinGER – short for Jobs-in-Germany – A mobile app meant to guide Europeans interested in working, studying and living in Germany.

Divided in sections entitled Work, Move or Live, the app addresses a wide range of questions, with icons to help users navigate.

“JinGER is not only interesting for people who want to work in Germany, but also for international students who come here for a semester or a year. I personally experienced that at my university, because we had a lot of international students, and I think it’s great for them to get orientation in Germany and integrate themselves,” says JinGER Marketing Manager Sonali Cooray.

“Personally, Jinger helped me understand much better German customs and traditions, as well as specific behaviour both socially and, of course, in the work environment – that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise,” explains Project Leader Andreea Munteanu.

The pilot launched on Android at the end of April comes in German, Spanish, Romanian or English. The app offers an overview of all relevant laws, registration tips for administrative purposes and also serves as a dictionary.

“We’ve had very positive feedback. There is a lot of information available out there, but often it’s not very precise. So both institutions and users have reacted really well to the information carried by the app,” says Project Leader Alberto Ruiz.

In the long-term, the developers of the app hope to propose one for each EU country with standardized information to make living and working abroad easier for EU citizen.