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British voters take stock of ballot box shock

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British voters take stock of ballot box shock
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Euronews reporter Sarah Chappell, in London for the British General Election, filed this analysis of the nights dramatic events.

“After weeks of talks about deals, red lines and coalition combinations British voters actually what no one expected, a conclusive result. As the dust begins to settle on the unexpected news, Britons take stock of a dramatic election night and start to look to the future,” she said.

The electorate awoke to headlines claiming a Conservative victory and an end to the coalition government.

On the streets of London voters gave their views of events:
“I think it’s a good result in terms of having a stronger government, having a majority government in power. I think a lot more will get done to better the country without a coalition.”

The Labour supporting Daily Mirror ran a black front page carrying a message of doom “Five more damned years?”

As in all elections opinion is divided: “I am not surprised, really, to be honest if you consider the reaction against the Liberal Democrats in England and the rise of the SNP against Labour in Scotland. But it is not good, I have to be honest,” said a disappointed voter.

For one Scot in London the result was a double whammy:
“It wasn’t what I’d expected. I was a bit shocked when I woke up this morning to see all that blue all over the map, particularly in England. I am actually from Scotland, so I was quite shocked about that result as well.”

The shock result has left a lot of political debris in its wake, three leaders have already resigned, Scotland has ditched Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been humiliated.

The next few weeks will be a hive a political activity as the losers dust themselves down and try to come up with a strategy to breathe fresh life into a bruised and battered agenda.