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Russia needs more 'patriotic' food production

Russia needs more 'patriotic' food production
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As the Russian economy continues to shrink and the Kremlin cuts everything accept military spending, a call for more Russian food production is echoing throughout the land.

This so-called “patriotic food” is a result of Russia banning the import of European foodstuffs in response to EU sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

Dimitry Klimov is a poultry farmer: “People don’t mind paying more for things like this. We have a small deli this is smoked turkey breast. I experimented with foie gras for six months. I tried twice with no luck. I tried making foie gras from Russian ingredients, which is to say from Russian ducks.”

The current sour relations between Russia the EU and US show no sign of sweetening and the need for Russia to produce its own food is a matter of survival.

Larisa Sukhanova is a dairy farmer:” We had everything before, because we made everything ourselves, but that stopped and we were flooded with foreign products. Nobody needed the manufacturers. Agriculture was made redundant. There was no dairy farming. All the cows were slaughtered. Farms were empty, but they are coming back to life.”

As opportunity comes knocking for food producers the wider effect of Russia’s counter-sanctions has seen a dramatic rise in prices making life ever more complicated for millions of Russians.