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The best in 3D dental care at Imagina in Monaco

The best in 3D dental care at Imagina in Monaco
By Euronews
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Imagina, the fair of 3D technologies that takes place every year in Monaco, is now entirely devoted to the use of 3D, laser and other technologies in dentistry to show how new techniques can help doctors to diagnose and make prostheses.

Progress in this field makes dentistry one of the most innovative disciplines in healthcare. Twenty-five manufacturers from seven different countries presented the latest developments at the Monaco event, which was inaugurated by Prince Albert.

One of the leading new technologies in this sector is braces for teeth alignment. Forget about those unsightly metal braces from your childhood – modern-day plastic braces are almost invisible and resistant to bacteria.

The Austrian company Amann Girrbach won this year’s Imagina Dental Award for its pioneering technology, which produces dental prostheses completely automatically, thereby saving 60 percent of time compared to the manual procedure, and offering more precision.

One of the biggest problems in dental radiography is the high dose of x-rays which patients are subjected to.

Finnish company Instrumentarium presented a new x-ray machine called ‘Low Dose Technology’, which exposes patients to less radiation, up to one-fifth of the dose produced by a traditional panoramic image. Because of the low dose, scans taken with this technology can be used in variety of cases, including when treating children, patients undergoing chemotherapy or people particularly sensitive to x-rays.

And Monaco-based company Euromax presented its new camera that scans inside the patient’s mouth. Light, ergonomic and precise, it is equipped with 10 small cameras and LED lights, providing highly precise 3D pictures. And the doctor can control the screen without touching it, which offers better hygiene.