Up or down Periscope?

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By Euronews
Up or down Periscope?

The phrase in many a heroic maritime movie was ‘up periscope’. A more contemporary version is the Periscope app.

It marks the introduction of Twitter’s livestream broadcast app, Periscope.

In simple terms it permits Twitter users to initiate a live broadcast of whatever they desire, from a live feed of live animals feeding to an earthquake from anywhere in the world.

Twitter users will be able to switch from one stream to another, at will.

Periscope’s live data can be shot using iPhone or iPads and viewed via smartphones or laptops.

To use the app you need a Twitter account and once you have Periscope downloaded you will be asked if you want to subscribe to the broadcasts of those individuals you follow on Twitter.

Then you are ready to stream and receive.

Now in this brave new social media world, danger lurks.

Sex predators, paedophiles, stalkers, snoops, cops, psychos and bailiffs are watching through a window directly into your world.

For a father unable to attend his child’s fifth birthday party it provides a moment of warmth to treasure, but to a paedophile….

Periscope has an additional feature: while watching a stream you can type a message to the streamer and fellow watchers, both complimentary or abusive.

In an attempt to counter problems, location tagging can be disabled, but if not the app will provide any undesirable with precise directions to where you live, work or play.

On the plus side Periscope can provide invaluable footage of wars, crimes, natural disasters and exploitation.

There are other apps that perform similar functions, but this is Twitter and when Twitter talks people listen then tweet.

So like in all things caution is advised.

So you chose: up Periscope or down Periscope?