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Electronic jewellery that changes with your tastes

Electronic jewellery that changes with your tastes
By Euronews

Hungarian start-up LIBER8 has introduced a piece of wearable jewellery, called ‘Tago Arc’, that allows users to change its patterns thanks to an integrated e-ink display. The curved e-Ink display can be customised with patterns or images from your smartphone library. A specific smartphone app includes a big variety of images for the bracelet.

“You have in the app thousands of designs from artists, from designers, maybe potentially from designer houses. You go in the app, you choose your design that you want, then you touch your smartphone to your bracelet, you click picture transfer and with the picture energy gets transferred on to the bracelet as well, you wait ten seconds and you have the new design on the bracelet,” says LIBER8’s Reka Kovacs.

That means that the energy transferred from the smartphone is enough to power the low energy consumption e-ink display, so the bracelet needs no power and has no battery. The smartphone communicates with the bracelet via Near Field Communication, a technology very widespread in today’s smartphones, enabling devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them or bringing them into proximity.

“Underneath the e-ink display there is an NFC chip that’s basically the technology that communicates with your phone and then we have all kinds of additional electronic to make the magic work. But the core of the technology is the display itself and the NFC technology,” says Kovacs.

Developers say the bracelet sits on the boundary between wearable electronics and jewellery; it is available at around 300 Euros.