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New app solves maths equations in seconds

New app solves maths equations in seconds
By Euronews

While helping their children solve basic math problems is possible for most parents for a while, it can become tricky as the exercises get more and more complicated.

That’s why a Croatian entrepreneur decided to create an app using character recognition software, that allows smart phones to solve mathematics equations in seconds.

All users have to do is point their phone camera at the equation, and PhotoMath does the rest. But, its inventor warns, this is not meant to be used as a tool to cheat.

“The pupils can check the results in their textbooks. They can calculate quickly and get the result fast and see whether they did the exercise right. But they can also get all the steps used to solve the maths problem. So it’s not just a matter of getting the results, but the whole process of how you reach the solution,” says Damir Sabol

Its creator says the app, which was launched last October, has been downloaded 11 million times. But there is certainly room for improvement, especially when it comes to long and complicated equations. That’s why he is working on an updated version.

“We are about to release a new version of the app. First we will release the Android version, which targets a much larger market, and we expect that to be the next element of growth. But there’s more: the new version will support much more complex maths problems,” he says.

While the app is sure to go down well with high school kids equipped with a cheap Android phone, the question is whether they will actually learn from it by checking the step-by-step process of how to get to the result.