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Digital business makes big inroads at CeBit

Digital business makes big inroads at CeBit
By Euronews
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“Digitalisation” is the big topic at this year’s CeBIT technology fair, in Hannover, Germany. China is this year’s partner country.

The term, digital economy not only applies to an increasingly connected business community but also the transition of CeBIT from a consumer to a business fair.

A traditional German agricultural company is putting a digital spin on farming machinery. This “smart” tractor from Claas comes with intelligent navigation and obstacle detection, which can help farmers manage their crops more effectively. The tractor prepares even a yield map, telling the farmer exactly how much grain he harvested from each sector of his field.

German bike manufacturer, Canyon Bicycles has joined forces with Deutsche Telecom to build a smart bike with a strong focus on safety.

Wilfried Huelsmann-Tennhoff of Deutsche Telekom explained: “The bicycle is equipped with a so-called On-Board-Unit, a small device which is built into the bicycle frame. With this On-Board-Unit, we can basically make bicycle maintenance and riding a lot easier for the consumer.”

“By using a smartphone application, we can see the extent of wear and tear on the bicycle chain for example. And via this app, we can inform the user, when he should change his bicycle chain.” he added.

Furthermore, sensors on the bike can tell if it has fallen over, and can then call the emergency services when necessary. The GPS tracking enables ambulances and hospitals to detect injured cyclists.

And if riding isn’t for you then perhaps a sensory shower is. The “Sensory Skyatt” shower can be programmed to reproduce different weather conditions inspired by nature.

Imagine showering in the rainforest from the comfort of your own bathroom? And it can all be controlled by the touch of a button!