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Take a ride in this new eco-friendly electric watercraft

Take a ride in this new eco-friendly electric watercraft
By Euronews
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The Quadrofoil is an electric personal watercraft that delivers emission-free thrills for boating enthusiasts, according to its makers. The Slovenian-engineered device is lifted above water onto four wing-like hydrofoils where it “flies” above the surface with minimal water resistance. It can reach top speeds of up to 40 km per hour and can travel up to 100 km on a single battery charge.

“After reaching a speed of 10 km per hour, the watercraft is lifted above the water surface and floats on its fins. This allows a very comfortable vibration-free means of travelling, with waves of up to half a metre. It is also environmentally friendly, because it creates no noise and produces zero emissions, so it does not pollute as it doesn’t release any motor oil into the water,” says Quadrofoil CEO Marjan Rozman.

A comfortable coupe with its two faux-leather seats, steering-wheel-mounted acceleration and brake controls, it is easy to operate say its makers, thanks to its touchscreen display on the steering wheel that shows users how much battery power the boat has left, its range and its speed.

“Thanks to the patented steering system, the watercraft offers a unique experience: it is both similar to driving a go-cart, but it can also be compared to flying an aircraft,” says Rozman.

Plans are underway to develop different versions of the craft, including a racing single-seater and a transport-focused model capable of carrying several people.

But it’s the small two-seater the manufacturers are placing their bets on, hoping to turn it into a bestseller. Prices range from 15,000 euros for a basic model to 22,500 euros.