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Rising optimism as luxury takes centre stage at the Geneva Car Show

Rising optimism as luxury takes centre stage at the Geneva Car Show
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If it ever went away then luxury is back with a bang. Supercars and SUV’s are the focus of this years Geneva Car Show in Switzerland. Take the Quant F – an electric car that the manufacturer claims delivers 1000 horsepower and a top speed of over 300km an hour.

After years of recession the car makers are well-aware of one of the fastest growing sectors of consumerism – the luxury market.

And what better place to showcase your wares than Geneva, Switzerland, one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

“This year’s Geneva Motor Show is going to focus mostly on supercars, which is a bit of a shift for the industry”, says Jim Holder, Editor of What Car? magazine. “It’s been very focused on autonomous driving and eco-special cars but the SUV segment is the fastest growing segment of the industry and so we are seeing a lot of luxury car makers are moving into that segment for the first time and we’re seeing it booming, and we’re going to see it boom for many years to come.”

90 new models are being premiered in Geneva, making it one of the most ambitious shows to date.

The family cars are there too, battling for our attention and ultimately they may be the only models most us can afford.

220 vehicles are on display altogether so the show can reasonably claim that there’s something – or at least some car – for everybody.