Belgium: Pegida anti-Islam march attracts 200

Belgium: Pegida anti-Islam march attracts 200
By Sarah Taylor with euronews, Reuters
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Antwerp becomes the latest in a line of cities to hold an anti-Islam march, under the banner of PEGIDA.

Antwerp, Belgium


Anti-Islam group PEGIDA has marched in the Flemish city of Antwerp, despite a mayoral ban on the rally.

Some 200 protesters took to the streets in a peaceful demonstration on Monday (March 2). Police told Reuters news agency they would not be making arrests, but would be carrying out checks on identification documents.

Dresden, Germany

PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, originated in Germany. In the eastern city of Dresden, weekly marches have attracted as many as 25,000 people a time.

Opposition rallies have also taken place in Dresden, as well as Frankfurt, Hamburg and other cities.

However, the German branch faced a set back in January 2015 when its leader dropped out to form a rival movement. He was pictured dressed as Adolf Hitler and reports suggest he called refugees ‘scum bags’. He is now being investigated for inciting hatred.

Newcastle, UK

Around 375 people attended a march under the banner of PEGIDA in Newcastle on Saturday (February 28), at which five people were arrested.

It was opposed by a 2,000-person counter-rally, by a group known as Newcastle Unites, with police keeping the two sides apart.

Other marches

Marches under the umbrella of PEGIDA have sprung up in a number of countries, including:

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