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New York: new technology

New York: new technology
By Euronews

Out with the old…

The payphone has been an intrinsic part of New York City’s landscape for decades. But now these transparent cabins are due to evolve.

In 2015, they will be modified to provide thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots across the city, offering free Internet access.

The service is expected to be 20 times faster than the city’s average home Internet speeds.

Each less than three metres high and 30 centimetres wide, the booths will be part of a city-wide plan called LinkNYC.

They will be able to offer Internet access for up to 250 devices within a 45-metre radius, with the option to add more in high-traffic areas.

What’s more, they’ll also serve as charging stations for mobile devices; users will be able to access city services and interactive maps; and make free domestic calls.

The network will cost an estimated 200 million dollars to build. However, it is predicted the booths will generate some 500 million dollars in advertising revenue for the city over the next 12 years.

The first LinkNYC will be rolled out by the end of 2015, with 10,000 kiosks installed city-wide.

Larger than life

Staying with new technology in New York, a giant billboard was recently lit up in the iconic Times Square.

Approximately the length of an American football field and eight stories high, it is being promoted as the Square’s biggest and most expensive digital billboard.

The mega screen is designed using the most advanced technology. Clear Channel Outdoor is the company selling advertising space on the screen.

“So, this is going to have all the state-of-the-art features. It’s going to have your crowd cameras, where it will be looking at the crowd and the crowd will be interacting with the screen.

“It’s going to have mobile applications, so you can interact with your mobile device, broadcast capabilities and, as you can see, it’s the highest contrast of anything here in the Square,” Harry Coghlan, President and General Manager of the New York branch of Clear Channel Outdoor, explained.

The billboard is ideally situated in one of the world’s most-visited spots. According to data from the Times Square Alliance, 300,000 pedestrians enter the area daily, meaning it is a highly attractive place for advertisers.