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'Back to the Future' hoverboard fantasy becomes reality

'Back to the Future' hoverboard fantasy becomes reality
By Euronews

A technology company in California is turning fantasy into reality.

Hendo Hover has created a real life ‘Back To The Future’-style hoverboard, known as the Hendo. It uses a magnetic force to float 2.5cm off the ground.

Four dinner plate-sized hover engines on the bottom of the board create a magnetic field. This, in turn, creates a secondary magnetic field which, when used over a conductive surface such as metal, enables the board to hover.

The 40kg prototype moves slowly and, according to those who have tested it, is easy to ride.

Kyle O’Neil is one of the engineers working on the project.

“Some people say it’s like snowboarding. Some say it’s like how I imagined a hover board is supposed to be, which is kind of an interesting response because no one’s ever ridden one before”, he outlined.

At the moment, the Hendo can run for around 15 minutes before it needs recharging and it only works over metal surfaces.

The developers dream about creating parks – much like skateboard parks – where people would be able to rent floating boards and ride up and down ramps. The company is also offering developer kits, so independent engineers can find new ways of using the technology.

Co-founder of the company Greg Henderson highlighted the adaptability of the technology used in the Hendo.

“The technology can go in anything. Wherever there’s a wheel, there’s an opportunity.”

The company plans to develop magnetic technologies and licence patents to builders, engineering firms and anyone else who might want to make something hover.

In the future, the creators envision their technology someday being used for trains, transporting large containers and even to raise buildings off the ground during earthquakes.