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Kenya protest after women in miniskirts attacked

Kenya protest after women in miniskirts attacked
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There have been demonstrations in the Kenyan capital Nairobi after a spate of violent street attacks on women wearing miniskirts who were accused of “dressing indecently”.

One of the attacks, which was filmed and posted on the internet, shows a mob of men surrounding a woman then stripping her naked and kicking her body.

Women and men activists have been calling for the perpetrators to be punished. So far none of those responsible have been arrested.

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi said: “Arrest those people! They are criminals! Any person who touched that woman should be arrested and charged for sexual offences. That was sexual assault.”

However not everyone disagreed with the crime. Some claim it is the fault of the woman if she dresses in skimpy clothes.

One woman opposed to the demonstrations said: “wearing short skirts in front of men is wrong and is like they are naked, and they should be taught a lesson by being beaten.”

Organisers of the demonstration have accused the government of staying silent on the issue and say there is a need for special courts to be set up prosecute cases of gender-based violence.