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Putin plans to leave G20 talks early amid Ukraine pressure

Putin plans to leave G20 talks early amid Ukraine pressure
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to leave G20 talks early, after coming under pressure from Western leaders over the crisis in Ukraine.

It comes after a reportedly tense exchange with the British Prime Minister.

During the 50-minute meeting, Cameron warned Putin over Russia’s actions in Ukraine, saying he risked relations with the West. Putin denied Russian troops have entered Ukraine.

The German Chancellor hinted that further EU sanctions could be in the offing if the situation does not improve.

“The talks here serve to get an impression about how the Russian President sees the situation. I do not expect real sudden changes, but what is right, is that the situation is not satisfactory.”

The frostiest reception came from Canada’s prime minister who simply told Putin: “I’ll shake your hand, but I only have one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine”.

France has withheld the delivery of warships to Moscow over its actions in Ukraine. Putin urged President Hollande to defuse the tensions between their two countries, though they did not broach the subject of the delivery of the two Mistral helicopter carriers.

Outside the summit, Ukrainian Australians staged an anti-Putin demo.

Wearing flags of the nations who lost citizens on flight MH17, shot down over Ukraine, they said they were protesting Putin’s ‘murderous acts’.