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Turkey PM calls for a more 'inclusive' G20

Turkey PM calls for a more 'inclusive' G20
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Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, whose country takes over the G20 presidency next year, said the group needs to be more inclusive.

“The G20 agenda in that sense should represent not only 20 countries but a global agenda. Therefore the relation between G20 and non-G20 countries is as important as the relations of G20 members,” he said.

Davutoğlu also indicated that Turkey would expand the G20’s role beyond economic cooperation and decision making to issues such as the refugee crisis in eastern Europe, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and militancy in the Middle East.

A showdown between Western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin is like at the G20 gathering in Australia, according to some analysts.

As world leaders arrived in Brisbane for this year’s G20 summit, there were fresh reports of Russian troops pouring intro Ukraine, something Moscow denies.

Security is tight, as you would expect when the leaders of the world’s richest countries come to town.

As well as the Ukraine crisis, the group is expected to discuss the taxation arrangements of global companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks.

Meanwhile on Sydney’s Bondi Beach hundreds showed what they thought of their government’s stance on climate change, by putting their heads in the sand.

This week’s agreement by the US and China to reduce carbon emissions has increased pressure on Australia.

But its leader, who once described climate change science as “absolute crap”, argued the G20 is not an appropriate forum to discuss it.

Australia is the only country to reverse action on climate change. It will repeal a tax on greenhouse gas emissions in July.