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Sweden says it has proof of submarine incursion

Sweden says it has proof of submarine incursion
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Sweden says it has proof that a submarine was operating in its waters illegally, but has not identified which country was behind the intrusion in October.

“The intelligence operation conducted in the Stockholm archipelago has used all of the available assets that we have in the Royal Navy. It is a different kind of census – on the surface and on the ground…We have a confirmation that there has been a smaller submarine in the archipelago,” Sverker Göransson, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces announced.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven warned against any further incursions.

“The Defense Forces have not been able to identify the nationality, but still, it is a very, very serious report when it is one of anybody having entered our territory illegally.”

The incident triggered the country’s largest military mobilisation since the Cold War.

With increasing tensions between Europe and Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, many pointed to a Kremlin vessel lurking beneath Swedish waters, though Moscow has denied any involvement in the incident.