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Scotland warns of new independence referendum

Scotland warns of new independence referendum
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Scotland may hold another independence vote if British leaders in London fail to honour their pledge to grant it more autonomy, warned from Alex Salmond in his final speech as head of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Incoming SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said another vote is not imminent, but echoed Salmond’s sentiments:

“I’m not planning another referendum right now, she said. “We’ve just had referendum. When I hear people talking about the timing of another referendum it does always strike me that it’s not just about what I do. The other parties, the Westminster parties, if they want to stem rise in demand for a referendum then they have to do the things they promised as well, starting with delivering these more powers.”

Britain’s three main political parties before September’s referendum promised to give Scotland more powers.

The British government in Westminster now says that will happen after the national election next May.