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Cameron has problems with other EU leaders, says Commission chief Juncker

Cameron has problems with other EU leaders, says Commission chief Juncker
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It is nearly two weeks since the Prime Ministers of Britain and Italy hit out at ‘Eurocrats in Brussels’.

Now the new president of the European Commission has taken a swipe at David Cameron and Matteo Renzi.

Juncker said he had no problem with the current resident of Number 10 Downing Street; it was Cameron who has a problem with other leaders.

“I am not the type who trembles, in front of prime ministers or at any other time. And I accept that the commission is criticised. But I will not accept unjustified criticism. Everyone should know that there will be no more attacks on the Commission without a reaction from us,” said the former Luxembourg premier.

Juncker also told reporters that he planned to unveil a 300 billion euro investment package next month.

But there’s just one small problem: he’ll need to work out where to get the money from first.

“We are in the process of tying up this investment package. I cannot tell you where the money will come from. I cannot explain to you in detail how it will be allocated and who will benefit from the credit which will be lined up. But it will be done in any case so that EU leaders can decide in December,” he said.

Germany backs Juncker’s plan, but opposes using cash from the European Stability Mechanism, the eurozone’s fighting fund, which was created at the height of the single currency crisis.