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The Aeromobil: living the flying car dream

The Aeromobil: living the flying car dream
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The flying car is one of modern man’s wildest dreams. The world is not short of prototypes. One of the latest comes from Slovakia.

The AeroMobil 3.0 works both as a plane and as an ordinary car and is equipped with two steering wheels, one for each function.

The transition from road to air always presents the biggest challenges, because of the need for a runway to allow the vehicle to gather enough speed to take off.

“We made several projects, several prototypes and now is time that we can present the real concept, which is absolutely realistic. I tested as pilot, his behaviour as normal plane, it’s fantastic in the air and very nice on the earth,” said the car’s inventor, Stefan Klein.

Recently unveiled at an innovative technologies fair in Vienna, the AeroMobil 3.0 weighs just 450 kilos and has a wingspan of more than 8 metres. While airborne, it can cover a distance of about 700 kilometers before it needs refuelling.

“We don’t want to make a flying car or a road aircraft. We would like to make a new category. And this category is the same as a motorbike or car. We want to (launch) a new vehicle which has the capability to be on the road as a (full-fledged) car and in air as a (full-fledged) aircraft,” said Stefan Klein.

The company of the same name that’s behind the AeroMobil says the prototype is very close to a final product that could be sold to the public, though they didn’t mention the cost. What they hope is that special runways will eventually be built at airports and near motorways.

The creators of other, similar vehicles have solved that problem by designing hybrid vehicles that take off and land vertically to minimize space requirements.