Rope-a-dope: The Rumble in the Jungle 40 years on

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Rope-a-dope: The Rumble in the Jungle 40 years on

Rope-a-dope: The Rumble in the Jungle 40 years on
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The venue, the 20th of May Stadium, Kinshasa, Zaire. The date Tuesday October 30, 1974.

The combatants, undefeated World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman against the challenger, the ‘Louisville Lip’ and arguably the most charismatic sportsman in history, Muhammad Ali.

‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ described as the “The greatest sporting event in the 20th century.” took place 40 years ago.

Foreman was the overwhelming favourite and aged 25 at the peak of his powers.

Ali considered a 32-year-old has been.

Congolese journalist Eugene Kabala describes the hype and mayhem surrounding the fight: “George Foreman was the first one to engage with the public when he arrived, a bit timidly admittedly because there wasn’t much public then, but with the people with him, he still tried to mobilise everyone.”

Good try, but Ali was PR personified.

Eugene Kabala continues: “However soon after, Muhammad Ali arrived. As soon as he appeared, everyone was shouting “Ali, bomaye! Ali, bomaye!” [Ali, kill him!] “

The fight got off to a hectic start with Ali on the attack.

However, Ali then changed tactics, covered up and soaked up all Foreman’s energy.

In round eight Ali emerged from his cocoon and put Foreman down, the fight was stopped the rumble over, the memories remain.