China's share of connected devices market grows

China's share of connected devices market grows
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as companies innovate

China’s influence continues to grow in the lucrative global connected devices market.

Chinese company Huawei saw its sales of medium and top range devices grow by more than 160 percent in just one year. And other firms are taking on the market, too.

High-tech expert Gabriele Di Matteo told us more and demonstrated some of the cutting edge devices now coming out of China and Taiwan.

Di Matteo said: “As we know, the Chinese have been copying products for years. Then, at some point, they started buying companies in the West and have invested billions of dollars into research and development. Today, they are able to make devices that are very competitive price-wise and that have a very high intrinsic value.”

“Huawei has launched a smartphone – the Mate7. It is equipped with an integrated fingerprint recognition mechanism. Its 360 degree scanner can read your fingerprint at any angle, even if your finger is wet – which can happen, especially in the summertime – it has no problem recognising it.”

“Let’s move on to another company, still Chinese, located north of Beijing. It’s called Lenovo. This [laptop] is made entirely of metal, and is barely more than 12 millimetres thick. It has a hinge, which looks like the metal band on a wristwatch, which is made out of 800 different pieces of steel and aluminum, which makes it extremely robust.”

“And the third product I am going to show you is created by Asus, a Taiwanese company from Taipei. At first sight, you just see a 7-inch tablet. But there’s more: look behind at what the manufacturers have inserted: a smartphone! Both devices operate with the same sim card and this phone, by the way, is not just an accessory, it’s at the heart of the device and also has a camera that can take pictures, even in very poor light conditions.”

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