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New hybrid aircraft turns into car upon landing

New hybrid aircraft turns into car upon landing
By Euronews
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Just another day out flying and cruising around town for the latest in hybrid technology: the SkyCruiser.

One could be mistaken for thinking it is just another aircraft. But it is, in fact, also a road vehicle.

Taking off and landing like a helicopter, this hybrid electric aircraft combines the best of all technologies according to its creators, Arizona-based company Krossblade Aerospace Systems.

Its switchblade rotor system enables it to take off vertically and land in small areas – eliminating the need for a runway.

Thanks to its 320 horse power electric motor, the whole process is relatively quiet. Once the aircraft reaches flying altitude, the rotors disengage and fold back in.

That’s when the SkyCruiser shifts into airplane mode, with the rear-mounted propellers flying the aircraft to its destination. What distinguishes it from the average helicopter is its speed: the SkyCruiser can hit speeds of up to 500 km per hour, making it much faster and more fuel efficient than a helicopter. It can also fly up to 1,600 kilometres carrying cargo.

Once the SkyCruiser has reached its destination, a strange kind of sci-fi transformation unfolds: after landing, the five-seater craft simply turns into a vehicle.

Though the design is merely a concept for now, it is tempting to imagine how an all-in-one vehicle like this could one day revolutionise transport on our planet.